Are sugar-free energy drinks okay?

"Are sugar-free energy drinks okay?"



Dilan Jay answers:

"Depends. If they're filled with a bunch of artificial sweeteners, I'd say they're not okay. I'd say they'd be hurting your body. Woke Up! Energy Shot, the shot I created, is not filled with a bunch of artificial sweeteners. So I'd say it's actually okay.

But there's lots of drinks that have malic acid... I don't know, just a whole bunch of crap in it that's really bad for your body.

Just because it's "sugar-free" doesn't mean it's healthy. Because sugar isn't the only thing that can hurt your body.

You can get hurt by lots of different things, different chemicals and stuff that can go into your body.

So I guess the answer is, "Depends on what they're using." Like for instance, maltodextrin is really not good for your body. It's absolute trash. So I would not consider using maltodextrin."

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