How does Woke Up! Energy Shot help students stay focused?


How does Woke Up! Energy Shot help students stay focused?

Answer:Twenty years ago or so, there were not that many energy drinks on the market, so we drank espresso to focus at night.

The problem with taking caffeine in general is that you tend to not be able to focus… but you're very awake.  You're up for sure, now it's on you to focus. And that's usually how it goes now, many, many years later with energy drinks.

But we changed that. The way we changed that is to add specific adaptogens, mushrooms, and herbs that are only used specifically by themselves for focus.

And this is why when people take Woke Up! Energy Shot, they tell us: “I felt so good, I felt relaxed, focused and awake”. Relaxed, focused, and awake. Nobody's accomplished that yet with a coffee or chemical-laden drink.

Relaxed from caffeine? No. Focused from caffeine? No. Awake from caffeine? Yes.

How did we do that? We added Lion’s Mane, which is a very powerful mushroom used for nerve function. It increases the nerve function in your body. It actually increases nerve growth factor, which means you actually grow more brain nerves with Lion’s Mane, especially taken by itself on a daily basis.

Then Ashwaganda, which is known to balance blood sugar and boost brain function, is very well known to help you concentrate. Ashwaganda is probably one of the most famous herbs coming from Southeast Asia. It's known as the Indian ginseng.

Work Up! Energy Shot also integrates Cordyceps mushroom, which is known to take the body's natural energy that has not been utilized, and utilize it.

Instead of trying to jam you up with extra caffeine, we use different herbs that actually take what's already in your body and make efficiency out of it.

Then Woke Up! Energy Shot contains Rhodiola to de-stress you, and who doesn’t need less stress?