Is one sugar-free energy drink a day bad for you?

Is one sugar-free energy drink a day bad for you?



Dilan Jay answers:

"Once again, it depends on the sugar. It really depends on the sugar.

I'd say for sugars like maltodextrin, I'd say, "Yeah, it's absolutely fuckin' bad for you." Even if it's just one. Because it's going to ruin your body.

See, the thing about a preservative, what people don't understand is... if the preservative is preserving something outside of your stomach, you think somebody gave a preservative a memo about when it's inside of your stomach?

No, dude.

So it's going to keep preserving inside of your stomach as well. That's why your stomach has a problem breaking it down. And that's why you have digestive issues in the long-term with fake sugars and preservatives. They mess with your gut biome.

In Woke Up! herbal Energy Shot, we use sucralose. Sucralose is supposedly not the best for your gut biome, but that's actually not the truth. Because actually, sucralose, unless dosed in like 400 cans of soda a day, does nothing to your gut biome."

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