Why there is no coffee/tea-based caffeine in Woke Up! Energy Shot

Why is there no coffee/tea-based caffeine in Woke Up! Energy Shot?

Answer: We choose to avoid coffee bean or tea leaf-derived caffeine because caffeine from those sources generally come as an extract.

When you drink caffeine coming from coffee beans, you're not actually consuming the beans: you’re drinking caffeine extracted from the beans. When you do that, you don't get the minerals and the vitamins that you would get if you were just eating the coffee bean itself... But no one is doing that as we see coffee largely marketed and sold as a drink. 

Green tea definitely has some health benefits. But when you extract the caffeine from it specifically, you don't get the health benefits of the actual plant itself —you’re only getting the caffeine.

The reason we use Yerba Mate and why we don’t use coffee or tea leaf extract is a key marker that makes Woke Up! Energy Shot different from every other energy shot across the world.

Energy shots ubiquitously use coffee androgenous – it's called “caffeine androgenous” – for their source of caffeine. That source of caffeine will give you the jitters because it is absolutely extracted by itself. Nature didn't intend it to be that way.

We made our drink derived from an herb, Yerba Mate, where nature intended it to have a little caffeine already in it.

It's like a naturally aspirated engine: the engine itself is just fast. Now you add turbos to the engine and then all of a sudden, it's no longer the same engine it was before.

And that's like when you extract something: you're concentrating it, and concentrating it, and concentrating it – nature never intended that. But if I give you Yerba Mate as a leaf and it has caffeine in it, that's nature's intention and nature's intention usually doesn't hurt you.

That's why Woke Up! Energy Shot is called a plant-based energy drink because we essentially include the whole plant in the formula, not just one component of the plant. 

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