Will I crash after drinking Woke Up! Energy Shot?

Will I crash after drinking Woke Up! Energy Shot?

Answer: In our body, we have an energy unit. The smallest energy unit that we use in our body is called adenosine triphosphate — ATP. So, whether you are eating straight glucose, carbohydrates, protein, sugars, carbs, fat… it all breaks down into this thing called ATP.

When ATP gets used up, it switches from adenosine triphosphate to adenosine AND triphosphate. Adenosine goes through the blood brain barrier and attaches to the adenosine receptors.

The adenosine receptors receive the adenosine, it travels down into the molecules, into the cells, and it tells the body that it's tired. This is step one.

Now, what does caffeine do to make you not tired? It takes those receptors and instead of adenosine going into those receptors, now caffeine goes into those receptors. When it goes into the cell, the cell doesn't realize it's tired so it keeps creating more energy. That's actually how you get your energy.

When you create more energy in the body, you raise the blood sugar. You put more sugar in the blood. With more sugar in the blood, you get more energy. That's how sugar works.

Caffeine does a very similar thing for the body, except it squeezes the adrenals, which puts adrenaline in the body, which raises the blood sugar.

There are a lot of different chemical outcomes of that, we are just covering the basics.

Now, what happens when you put sugar in the body?

We’re going to talk about two things: (1) Adenosine, caffeine taking the place of adenosine;  (2) what happens there and also after that happens, when blood sugar goes up.

What happens when your blood sugar goes up is your body freaks out because it's only supposed to have a certain range of blood sugar in the blood before it releases what's called insulin.

When insulin is released, because insulin is not a 1-for-1 type of thing, it shoots up and pushes the blood sugar down because it doesn't want to die, because too much sugar in your blood will make you die. That's why diabetics need insulin shots – but that's a different story.

Bottom line is, once the insulin hits, it drops the blood sugar below a level that's normal and that's how you crash. Low blood sugar is how you fall asleep, low blood sugar is what a crash does to you.

The symptoms of low blood sugar for someone not checking their blood sugar (like a diabetic would) is tiredness, not being able to think, just not being there fully. Basically, you want to go to sleep, you're not interested in anything anymore. Your interest goes down.

We have added a couple of things into Woke Up! Energy Shot that nobody else has. We’ve added Lion’s Mane which increases nerve function, Ashawaganda, which increases brain function, Cordyceps mushrooms – which we are going to talk about as a very important part for the adenosine caffeine receptor exchange – and Rhodiola to de-stress you and which helps with the jitters.

All four of those plant ingredients do one important thing: they balance blood sugar. They are blood sugar balancers. They won't let your blood sugar go below a level that doesn't allow you to focus and concentrate.

So basically, when the caffeine takes you up, the blood sugar balancers take you down, so you feel more even keel and can operate still. That's the reason why you don't get a crash with Woke Up! Energy Shot.

It’s not because we're using Yerba Mate… because you probably could crash off Yerba Mate alone as well. But it’s because we put blood sugar balancers in the drink.

What makes Woke Up! so interesting (as a story) is that we created 13 versions of this drink before we gave you the one that's on the market now. If you try to balance your blood sugar too heavily, the caffeine won't work. It won't raise your blood sugar because the adaptogens are too strong.

So, there's a balance there that is proprietary to Woke Up! that no other energy shot or energy drink has. They won’t figure it out unless they have 20 years of experience in herbal medicine and know how herbs and caffeine affect each other. 

Now let's go back to the adenosine caffeine receptors just for a quick piece of science. If you have all this adenosine built up in your body because caffeine took it up, when the caffeine finally gets absorbed, the adenosine goes in there and your body goes asleep.

Because all your cells are going “Oh, dang, we used up a lot of energy, we didn't even know about it, it's time to shut down.” That's the chemical side of it.

So, how do you get the body to receive those adenosine molecules and still not crash?

Well, this is a system. The only way to do that is you add more ATP to the system. Most energy drink or energy shot manufacturers don't add ATP to the system. They extract caffeine out and say: “Who cares what happens after that? Not my problem, that's your problem.”

Well, how do you add ATP to the system? You use very specific adaptogens and the very specific adaptogen we use is Cordyceps. The Cordyceps mushroom is known to create more ATP in the system with the system we currently have.

So even though there's a boatload of adenosine ready to come in on these receptors, there's more ATP added to the system, so you don't crash.

There are two things going on chemically that we have created in Woke Up Energy Shot that are completely separate of each other but work in conjunction for you not to have a crash with Woke Up! Energy Shot.