Restaurant Clicks just featured Woke Up! in TOP 8

Woke Up! Energy Shot has been featured in Restaurant Clicks’ popular article “Top Energy Drinks Ranked By Taste. An article list that attracts an impressive 5,000+ organic visitors per month, Restaurant Clicks has laid out the tastiest energy shots currently on the market. Woke Up! Energy Shot recently made rank on their esteemed list — a stellar feat considering Woke Up! is the new man in town amongst big boys long-since in the energy shot industry.

Woke Up! Energy Shot on TOP8 List of Restaurant Clicks for Energy Drinks

Woke Up! Energy Shot, based in Tampa, FL, has launched nationwide retail, vending, and online distribution with the goal to make clean, herbal energy available to everyone after 5 years in development.

The company’s distribution has pipelined major military, vending, and checkout-counter contracts, while its SMB sales efforts are currently targeted at the southeast region of the U.S.

Created by CEO Dilan Jay, the all natural, plant-based caffeine shot boasts zero sugar and a proprietary formula packed with adaptogens, herbs, healthy mushrooms, vitamins, and amino acids. Adaptogens are special, powerful herbs which fortify the body against stress.

The caffeine is sourced NOT from the ever-usual coffee bean, tea leaf, or synthetic formulas, but instead from two powerful plants called yerba mate and guarana.

Both yerba mate and guarana not only contain enough caffeine (one 1.93 fluid oz. shot equal to one and half cups of coffee), but these plants also contain powerful constituents to improve the body’s response to stress, give a long-lasting focused boost of energy, and eliminate the dreaded crash notorious of other mainstream energy drinks.

Woke Up! Energy Shot Makes Restaurant Clicks TOP 8 List

 The full article can be read here on Restaurant Clicks' website


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