Should I chug an energy drink?

Should I chug an energy drink?


Dilan Jay's answer:


Let me ask you this question: "Should you chug a beer?" Probably not, but you do it anyway, right?

So, you know, the answer to that question is quite simple. I mean, the answer is probably: "Not, don't chug energy shots because that might not be the best for your body."

Now, if you do, is it gonna hurt you? It could potentially hurt you because you could end up having like, major heart palpitations, and things of that order that you don't actually want.

So, my suggestion in general is, you know, don't chug anything, unless it's like water. But even water, I wouldn't chug necessarily because you should drink it. You know, in the speed that it should be drunk, you know, which is in a normal speed.

So, I guess my answer to all these questions is, "No, don't do anything that's incredibly, extreme unless you're really fitted on doing it." Like those guys who do back flips on BMX bikes, like they know how to do it. They do it every day."

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