Effects of energy drinks on the brain? (Part 1)

What do energy drinks do to your brain?

Dilan Jay's answer

(In the follow-up video he gives more biological details to the answer.)

"They F' it up, son! No, I'm kidding, they don't, they don't. I mean, but they do definitely have like a function that, that happens with your brain.

So very simply what happens with an energy drink is that, okay, I'll try to explain this the best I can.
When you take caffeine, right, caffeine takes the place of adenosine in your brain. There's these receptors in your brain called adenosine receptors and what that does is that makes your body understand that it's actually tired.

So what happens is you're here and you're doing, and your body is, let me see. Um, your brain is here. This is your mouth. And you drank this caffeine and up here there's these receptors that when you get tired, see the natural unit of energy, it's called adenosine triphosphate, ADP. Right?

And what ends up happening is is when you get tired, ADP breaks up, ATP sorry, breaks up into a adenosine triphosphate..."

(Continued in Part 2)

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