Effects of energy drinks on the brain (Part 2)

What do energy drinks do to your brain? (Part 2)


Dilan Jay's answer:

...And then that goes through the blood-brain barrier. And it goes into these adenosine receptors that tell your body that you're tired.

So what happens, what ends up happening is, is when you take caffeine, right? The caffeine actually comes up through this blood brain barrier and takes, knocks these adenosine receptors out and takes the place of them here.

When it takes their place, your body doesn't think it's tired so it creates energy. Now how does that affect your mind? Well, once these wear off and the receptors realize you're no longer giving it adenosine and you're giving caffeine, all the adenosine is piled up, right?

So it's been piling up like this. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. These wear off and boom boom boom you get slammed and then you crash. Crash. Sad man crashing. :-(

Yeah, that's how that works.

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