Effects of energy drinks on the stomach

 What do energy drinks do to your stomach?



Dilan Jay's answer:

Believe it or not, energy drinks are heavily acidic, heavily acidic. So they can cause a lot of gut irritation.

Which is why, when you take an energy drink, you're looking for a net zero gain, at least, not a net negative gain, right? Which is what you get with most energy drinks, but not with Woke Up! Energy Shot.

So what ends up happening is when you drink a lot of stuff that is like caffeine oriented or acidic, you get heartburn, you get irritation of your stomach, your gut lining, right? Some cases, cramps, diarrhea, nausea.

The basic concept there is, let's say this is you. And this is your stomach. When you keep taking down all this acid, the intestines that operate at higher than 8 pH, okay. The stomach is around a 5.4. I believe pH. And pH is your acidity to base acidity level. Right?

Well, when you keep dropping more of that here, right? What did I say? 8.7 pH. Then what ends up happening is this drops. And when this drops it causes a lot of sickness and disease.

So you don't really want to have a lot of energy drinks all the time in your stomach, not your stomach, but in your stomach lining like your intestines, because it ends up really actually hurting your body.

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