What does an energy drink crash feel like?

What does an energy drink crash feel like?

Dilan Jay's answer:

"It feels like this... (Acts like stumbling and crashing)

Did you guys get that? I'm sure you got that. That's what it feels like. So if you wanted to know how it feels like, that's how it feels...

When you get back to the crash, you'll realize that a crash really just feels like crap. Your head, you get a headache, you could get a stomach ache, you could get like rivetingly hungry.

You got to lay down, your body can't take it anymore. Your blood sugar is too low. Crashes really suck.

You don't want an energy drink that crashes you. That's why Woke Up! Energy Shot does not do that because we are a net gain for your body, when you take Woke Up! Energy Shot."


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