What is a filler? How to spot them?


What is a filler? How to spot them?

Answer:A filler is anything that the energy drink manufacturer has added to preserve the drink. Fillers are usually added as preservatives. You have bitter-masking flavors, or sweetness-enhancing flavors.

How do you spot fillers in a list of ingredients?

Answer: On the list of ingredients of an energy drink it will say: “natural and artificial sweeteners.” That's how you find them. Those sweeteners are fillers. They're actually in the energy drink to preserve, or to suppress, or to enhance different flavors.

Are fillers in energy drinks bad for health?

Answer: No preservative is really good for you. Preservatives on a plant don't know when they are outside of your body and when they are inside of your body. If the chemical preserves the plant outside of your body, it sure still preserves it inside of your body. This means you can't digest the plant, it's not going to be assimilated, and you will get inflammation of the digestive tract.

There are all sorts of bad issues that happen when putting chemicals in your body.