Why energy drinks give you the jitters (but Woke Up! Energy Shot doesn't)

Why Woke Up! Energy Shot doesn't give you "the jitters"

The jitters can best be explained this way:anybody who's had coffee or tea and just had a little too much of it, and their body starts going a little bit out of whack, to the point where they cannot control it and they need to get some sort of food or some sort of change inside of the body in order to get control over their body again.

That's essentially how the jitters work.

Now, they call it “the jitters” because typically your body is so jacked off the caffeine that you're actually shaking. And at that point you're thinking I need some food, immediately! to balance your stamina.

Caffeine is an interesting thing because caffeine is the most legal drug on planet Earth. We drink it every day in the morning; most people drink it right in the afternoon after they eat. It has become so normal to drink, that the jitters have become a pretty normal understanding of what happens when you drink it.

But what if you didn't have to have the jitters when you drink caffeine? What if you didn't have to actually have it?

Well, you don't actually have to have it.

And it's been going on for hundreds of years. The Amazon people drink Yerba Mate in gourds and they just sip it all day because Yerba Mate as a leaf has naturally-occurring caffeine, twenty-four vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and antioxidants already embedded in the drink.

So, as you consume the leaf, you don't get the jitters. That's how you avoid the jitters.

You avoid the jitters by consuming foods the way nature intended it — in their whole form. Nature never intended you to have an espresso shot, guaranteed. Especially a double-espresso shot mixed with a bunch of cow’s milk and caramel and sugar and whipped cream all added on top of it.

That's not how nature intended you to have caffeine, that’s a promise. So Woke Up! Energy Shot does it the way nature intended.