Why is Yerba Mate Used in Woke Up! Energy Shot?

Why is Yerba Mate used in Woke Up! Energy Shot?

Answer: Yerba Mate is one of the most special plants when it comes to naturally caffeinated herbs.

Now, what makes the Woke Up! Energy Shot so different from other energy shots or drinks is that we don’t extract caffeine. That's why the coffee bean or tea leaf are not part of our ingredients, because when caffeine is taken from a coffee bean, it’s extracted – which means you are getting pure caffeine, that’s it.

When you get pure caffeine, you don't get the health benefits of everything else that’s in the bean — all you’re getting is caffeine.

Same thing with the green tea leaf… you're not eating the tea leaf with all its antioxidants and other benefits; you're extracting ONLY the caffeine from it. And because of that, the tannins in tea can make you nauseated and lightheaded, especially if you drink it on an empty stomach.

But if you were to consume an actual tea leaf, you wouldn’t get sick from it – unless it's actually a poisonous leaf – because you have all the minerals and vitamins that go along with that leaf, in addition to the caffeine content.

The reason why Woke Up! Energy Shot is so powerful is because we are giving you the actual leaf.

Yerba Mate has 24 vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and antioxidants in addition to the naturally occurring caffeine.

So, when you consume Yerba Mate, you don't get the jitters because you're consuming a leaf instead of extracting only the caffeine from it.

So Yerba Mate is truly the basis of Woke Up! Energy Shot. We also have guarana seed, which is the other plant from where we get more naturally occurring caffeine. So those are the two places where we derive our caffeine.

Now, why isn’t Yerba Mate used more often in energy drinks on the market? We think it’s because Yerba Mate is bitter. Also, because Yerba Mate doesn't have that much caffeine in it. So if you want a lot of caffeine, you have to use a lot of Yerba Mate, which may make the drink or shot taste more like an herb.

So there are pitfalls to its use, but we're making a plant-based energy shot. So we’ll take care of the pitfalls and make sure you get a healthy, powerful shot that also tastes great.