Will an energy drink wake you up?

Will an energy drink wake you up?



Dilan Jay's answer:

It actually freaking depends, believe it or not. Because most people... Alright... so now we're gonna go over one more thing.

Say, this is you, and this is the back of you. There's these two things called the kidneys, which on top are the adrenals, right?

What happens is when you drink a lot of energy shots, it squeezes these adrenals crack, crack, crack to create adrenaline, which is actually what brings the blood sugar up, and makes you kind of "pumped up".

So if you keep squeezing those adrenals, then naturally your adrenals aren't gonna work as well.

And so therefore some people, they can drink coffee all day, but their body has no more adrenal power to sustain or bring them energy.

So for the people who drink coffee every day, does caffeine wake you up? Probably slightly, but as time goes on, you'll find that you need to drink more and more caffeine. That's actually what ends up happening.

Now, the answer to that is, get off it for a little while, and you'll actually be fine, and it will wake you up.

But for most people, caffeine will definitely wake you up, slash energy drinks. 'Cause in energy drinks, we're dealing with caffeine. That's basically what we're dealing with, right?

So at the end of the day, the answer is, of course it should wake you up, unless your body is so exhausted from so much caffeine that you no longer respond to caffeine.

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