Will plant-based energy shots become a long-term trend?

Will plant-based energy shots become a long-term trend?

Answer:Let's first talk about what has happened over the last 50 years. We've gone from “very healthy food” to “healthy food that we were trying to preserve so we can sell more of it.”

We put preservatives in food. We started putting chemicals in food because chemicals help preserve things.

Then in the last 20 years, we realized, “Holy crap, this is killing us!” 

And here's the question most people don't understand: do you think that when you put a preservative on a plant, that preservative knows all of a sudden when it goes in your stomach to be digested to stop preserving the plants?

The preservative doesn't have a brain!

And this is why you have digestive issues, inflammation in your body, inability to focus, etc. Because you're putting all these chemicals in your body, they're actually preserving the plant that you wanted to be preserved so you can eat it. And when you eat it, the plant is not supposed to be preserved anymore… but it's still preserved in your stomach! So you have a problem digesting it.

This is the reason why Woke Up! Energy Shot trends towards plant-based, natural, all-natural organic products.That way we know that what we're eating, we're actually assimilating it in our body.

So, it's not that it's a trend because it's always a trend to be healthier. That's been a trend for a long time. It's just that people now know that having a chemical-based energy drink is the last thing they want on their list, but it's the only thing they know about.

That's why we created a plant-based energy drink because there are literally no plant-based energy drinks out right now with the full plants and their constituents in the drinks.

This is the reason why we created the company: because none were available and we thought, this is a great market. So, we created a plant-based, natural shot that helps you obtain real energy. We think it's going to trend, we think it's been trending, but the knowledge of why plant-based is better for you has yet to catch up with the masses.