Woke Up! Enters BevNET's 2021 New Beverage Guide!

What a better way to end Year 2021 than a feature in the 2021 New Beverage Guide published in BevNET Magazine?

Our entry describes the specificities of Woke Up! Energy Shot: a proprietary blend of herbal caffeine, healthy mushrooms, herbs from the Amazon region, and B vitamins.  Woke Up! Energy Shot is entirely plant-based. 

Dilan Jay, creator of Woke Up! wanted to give athletes and fitness-conscious people of all ages a drink that would energize them during their effort, but not compromize their immune system and health with synthetic chemicals and a high sugar load. Woke Up! is zero sugar.

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Woke Up! Energy Shot Featured in BevNET's 2021 New Beverage Guide

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BevNET’s annual New Beverage Guide is an important resource to thousands of beverage brands, natural food brands, craft beer brands, distributors, retailers, and bottlers.

It enable professionals in the beverage industry to stay up-to-date on new brands, products, and flavor releases. Brands include everything from kombucha and energy drinks (and plant-based energy shots like Woke-Up!) to functional water and plant-based milk, plus companies that supply goods and services to those beverage manufacturers.

The hottest herbal energy shot on the market today Woke Up! Energy Shot is zero sugar, GMO free, soy free, and gluten free.


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