Woke Up! in the News: Virtual Strategy Mag Echoes Deal

Virtual-Strategy Magazine recently echoed the deal that propels Woke Up! Energy Shot on the national retail scene through Mr. Checkout's direct store delivery distributors.

The deal inked between Mr. Checkout and Woke Up! projects the retail coverage of our plant-based, sugar-free energy shot to the entire United States, with access to some 61,000 stores. That's a big deal for us, and we love the idea of seeing many more athletes and fitness fans favor our energy shot vs. synthetic, sugar-loaded alternatives.

Here's an excerpt of the article which can be in Virtual-Strategy Magazine news section.

“...Woke Up! Energy Shot Partners With Mr. Checkout To Access 61,000 Stores”Woke Up! Energy Shot, a new plant-based energy shot, has officially partnered with food and beverage veteran, Mr. Checkout, gaining access to their established network of 61,000 stores for further nationwide distribution. Woke Up! Energy Shot, based in Tampa, FL, launched retail, vending, and online distribution earlier in 2021 with their all natural, plant-based caffeine shot which boasts zero sugar and a proprietary formula packed with herbs, healthy mushrooms, vitamins, and amino acids..."

Virtual Strategy Magazine Echoes Deal Between Woke Up! and Mr. Checkout

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