I think energy drinks WITH SUGAR will definitely make you gain weight, absolutely!
How was the caffeine derived? How many vitamins are in this energy drink? Does it have artificial flavoring? Does it have taurine in it?...
The amino acid Taurine has unhealthy effects when taken in large quantities. Woke Up! Energy Shot does not contain taurine.
Yerba Mate is a naturally caffeinated herb consumed for a very, very long time by by people of the land. There are many good reasons why we developed Woke Up! Energy Shot around Yerba Mate.
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We choose to avoid coffee bean or tea leaf-derived caffeine because caffeine from those sources generally come as an extract, not the way nature intended you to consume it.

Traditional energy shots/drinks pack up on synthetic caffein... which gives your body the jitters. Woke Up! Energy Shot was designed with a plant-based approach, using the benefits of the plants found in the drink.
Sugar and synthetic caffeine packed up in traditional energy drinks result full-blown crashes once the energy spike has run its course. Woke Up! Energy Shot is a sugar-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, plant-based drink. No crashes, no jitters.
The preservatives found in our food create multiple health issues. People start to be very aware of their consequences. As awareness and better nutrional habits develop, plant-based energy drinks will take over from sugared, caffeinated drinks.
Fillers are found in every kind of processed food items, as they extend shelf-life and modify flavor. Artificial sweeteners are examples of fillers. Woke Up! Energy Shot takes a different approach.
Adaptogens and herbs give you a clean energy boost - not caffeine extracted from coffee beans. Woke Up! Energy Shot changes the way we look at energy drinks.