This ain't just caffeine.


Woke Up! mean no sugar crash

No sugar crash. Only energy.

Sugar sucks. We all know it. Not only does it jolt your insulin levels, but the long-term effects from insulin resistance and weight gain make it a terrible sweetener for your health, energy, and longevity. 

Coffee jitters. Not here.

90% of Americans drink caffeine every single day, and honestly? The majority consume coffee or a derivative of coffee… 

But is coffee’s caffeine the BEST choice for your performance and vitality? 

Nah. And we’ll explain…

Coffee is filled with microtoxins, and it slams your adrenals, costing you future energy. It may seem harmless given it's mainstream, but truth is— it may be prematurely aging you. Plus, the source of most energy drinks’ caffeine is the coffee bean, so even if you don’t drink coffee? Your energy drink may have its caffeine source in the bean. 

That’s why Woke Up! Energy Shot sources its caffeine from two powerful Amazonian herbs: Yerba mate and guarana. 

Used for thousands of years in South America, Yerba mate contains polyphenols, saponins, and more, and guarana boosts your energy without any kind of coffee crash. So if you want real energy that lights you up?

You want Woke Up!

No coffee jitters
Woke Up! Plant-Based Energy Shot

One shot and you're ready


Expertly formulated for competitive athletes who need a clean energy boost without the usual jittery crash. Woke Up! provides hours of plant-based fuel while supporting brain and nerve function with its proprietary mushroom and herb formula— so frankly put: you’re LIT and smashing your workout like the monster you are. 

  • Organic, berry-flavored shot - ready to go
  • 100% plant-based and clean, herbal energy source
  • No sugar crash
  • Caffeine derived from herbs so you avoid sugar crash
Delicious Berry Flavor


Gluten Free


Soy Free

No Sugar

The cleanest, plant-based energy shot


It's time to upgrade to Woke Up!

It's time to upgrade.

The only way to increase your performance at the gym (and in life) is to upgrade. Woke Up! Energy Shot was created by one of your own: an athlete with a passion for beyond average performance. Want more energy that doubles — nay — triples down on nutrition and vitality? We created that for you.  

Crush your workout.

We hand-picked our ingredients to not only boost your energy, but support your whole-body systems. 

  • Lion’s Mane mushroom supports nerve function 
  • Ashwagandha supports brain function 
  • Cordyceps mushrooms support power, stamina, & drive
  • Rhodiola decrease stress 

What other energy shot accomplishes energy, endocrine support, and stress reduction? Answer: none. 

Crush your workout with Woke Up!



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Woke Up! Energy Shot 12-Pack

Plant-Based Energy

  • Naturally Occurring Caffeine from Yerba Mate
  • Lion's Mane for Nerve Function
  • Cordyceps for Stamina and Power
  • Vitamins that Support the Immune System
  • Rhodiola Rosea to Decrease Stress
  • PLUS No Sugar Crash and No Coffee Jitters
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If you wanna get lit, watch this sh*t



Clean Energy

Unlike other energy drinks, since Woke Up! is sourced from the planet’s best herbal ingredients, it burns clean. 


No Sugar Crash

We didn’t include sugar in our formula because sugar straight-up isn’t healthy. We got you. 



Created with powerful plants used for thousands of years in traditional medicine, Woke Up! is like energetic medicine — with a kick. 

Real results from competitive athletes like you


Great natural taste and energy!!!

5 Star Rating

Love this stuff!! As an early morning gym goer I am always looking for a great natural boost to get me through the workouts. Great taste and is made with organic ingredients and the natural caffeine blend works great with my bodies chemistry with no crash later! Anytime I need to kick it into overdrive I get Woke Up! 

– Taylor

 Really dig the flavor! Great clean energy.

5 Star Rating

I was concerned because it had mushrooms, but the flavor with this is excellent! Nice fruity berry, very fruit punchy. Gives me a clean energy, not bouncing off walls, but focused and steady for hours!

– F. Todd

Great energy boost!

5 Star Rating

Gives you a great, and quick, energy boost. Lasts for several hours without giving you a jittery feeling, and there is no significant crash afterwards.

– The SLA

It's all about the 


Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate

Used for thousands of years as a natural source of caffeine, yerba mate also contains naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols and enzymes.



Containing more caffeine than coffee beans but, unlike coffee, Guarana helps you focus better and reduces mental fatigue.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea

Contains over 140 active ingredients, including rosavin. For hundreds of years, golden root has been used to reduce fatigue and decrease stress. 



Also known as Indian Ginseng, traditionally used as an adaptogen. Ashwagandha supports normal brain function and can help reduce blood sugar levels.



In addition to its anti-aging support properties, cordyceps mushroom can help enhance performance and stamina. 

Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane

With a high concentration of antioxidants, Lion's mane helps relieve anxiety, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. 

Dilan Jay

About the founder of Woke Up!


Dilan Jay is not only the founder of Woke Up! Energy Shot, but he created the product himself. A Sri Lankan-American entrepreneur and artist, Dilan’s no stranger to plant medicine, having grown up eating spice-rich curries and sourcing herbs for everyday ailments. Always a seeker of health and longevity, Dilan’s been hard core exercising since age 12 — later running track at USC, and today, a frequent customer at almost every gym.

Dilan created Woke Up! to help athletes (and anyone) experience the cleanest, freest energy, while simultaneously benefiting from lesser known but highly powerful plants and herbs. 

It turns out that Woke Up! is not only healthy, it WORKS. Enjoy!