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Why Woke Up!?

  • With Woke Up! Energy Shot, you not only get steady focus and energy without jitters or sugar crash, but vitamins, antioxidants, and mushrooms to boost your memory, weight loss, vitality, and overall immune system.

Our Ingredients

  • Naturally Occurring Caffeine From Herbs
  • Lions Mane for Nerve Function/Concentration
  • Cordyceps for Sexual Drive and Power
  • Ashwagandha for Brain Function
  • Vitamins for the Immune System
  • Rhodiola to Decrease Stress and Fight Fatigue

Free window decal, poster & popout sign 

  • Window decal- 8" x 8" - opaque cling window decals, Inside-glass
  • Rack Popout sign - 4" x 4" clip-on, single-sided starburst sign 
  • Marketing poster - 11" x 17" matte poster