Woke Up! Plant-Based Energy Shot
Woke Up! Plant-Based Energy Shot
Woke Up! Plant-Based Energy Shot
Woke Up! Plant-Based Energy Shot
Woke Up! Plant-Based Energy Shot
Woke Up! Plant-Based Energy Shot

Woke Up! Plant-Based Energy Shot


11 nutrient-boosting ingredients in 1 shot

  • Naturally occurring caffeine from plants
  • Boosts nerve function
  • Increase stamina and power
  • Vitamins that support immune function
  • Helps decrease stress
  • PLUS NO Sugar Crash and NO Coffee Jitters


Clean Burning
Energy Source

The caffeine in Woke Up! is derived from yerba mate and guarana - natural herbs that burn clean and without the jittery side effects of coffee.


Woke Up! is derived from nothing but living, healthy plants - and it supports brain, heart, nerve and organ function. 

Supports Nerve Function 

Lion's mane mushroom helps support nerve function & cordyceps help support sexual function.

Absolutely No Sugar

None, zero, nada. Forget about the crash that comes from sugar because there is none in Woke Up!

Woke Up! Energy Shot is the newest plant-based, adaptogenic herbal energy shot on the market. A proprietary blend of herbal caffeine, healthy mushrooms, herbs, and vitamins pack this energy shot with long-lasting energy, but with zero sugar.

Formulated with a delicious organic berry flavor, Woke Up! can be had in the morning, on the trail, before the gym, on a road trip, or mid-day at the office to provide a clean energy boost that supports the body’s natural energy sources and avoids the notorious caffeine-induced crash. It includes ingredients for:

  • Nerve function
  • Brain function
  • Stamina and power
  • Stress reduction

Woke Up! caffeine is not sourced from the popular coffee bean or tea leaf, but instead from two powerful Amazonian plants: yerba mate and guarana. Woke Up! not only provides the energy you expect from an energy product, but you also receive the nutritional, herbal constituents latent in these super herbs long-since popular in South American medicine. The herb-plus-mushroom blend works synergistically with the yerba mate/guarana-sourced caffeine to provide the body energy, while simultaneously fueling the body’s endocrine system to maintain balance, not deplete it of its natural energy reserves and mechanisms.

In fact, Woke Up! not only provides more than five hours of clean, steady energy, but when bedtime comes, consumers have reported having no trouble winding down or going to sleep.

Enjoy this natural, berry-flavored energy boost that's actually good for you! 

Our formulation has been perfected over the course of a decade.

Here's everything that goes into Woke Up!

Woke Up! is the best plant-based energy shot